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By Wangzhong Sheng, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer

Today, we’re here to discuss Cellmyx’s complete line of Fat transfer products that can provide you, the doctor, with the full range of tools you need for all your liposuction and fat transfer needs.

Cellmyx’s Proprietary Fat Transfer Canisters

Let’s start off with our fat collection and fat transfer canisters. Did you know that our company was the first in the nation to receive FDA clearance for our fat collection and fat transfer canisters? Our proprietary canisters come customized with a Luer-lok “spigot” at the bottom, allowing easy drainage of excess tumescent fluid and subsequent extraction of condensed lipoaspirate for fat transfer. However, not all lipoaspirate is created equal, and it all starts from the beginning – the Harvest.

What is the difference between fat collection and fat harvesting?

We often get asked the question, what really is the difference between “fat collection” and “fat harvesting”? Fat collection encompasses a broad range of techniques whereby adipose tissue is removed from the patient. The collection process can be quick, or it can be slow. It can be manual, or power assisted. The quality of the fat that is collected can be high, with lots of viable, healthy, adipose tissue clusters in the optimum size regime that is ready for transfer, or low, with tons of ruptured adipocytes and fibrous connective tissue that will not only clog the transfer cannula, but also form lumps if transferred into the patient somehow.

We at Cellmyx use the term “fat harvesting” specifically to refer to the careful extraction of viable adipose tissue clusters in preparation for fat transfer. These clusters are gently removed with minimal disruption of the native connective tissue architecture, resulting in lipoaspirate that has a smooth, almost paste-like consistency that flows readily from a fat transfer cannula, resulting in high fat-graft retention rates and therefore, high patient satisfaction with the outcome.

What kind of cannulas should I use to “Harvest” high quality fat clusters?

Cellmyx’s guiding philosophy is, and has always been, that adipose tissue health takes precedence over the speed of fat collection. When it comes to conventional liposuction with no fat transfer, established methods dictate that fat should be collected as quickly as possible to minimize surgery time, without too much regard for underlying tissue architecture or adipose tissue health in the lipoaspirate, since it would be discarded anyway. This not only leads to longer recovery times, but also low-quality fat for poor fat-transfer results. As an aside, low quality fat harvest necessitated products like PureGraft or Allergan’s Revolve, disposable kits used to separate fibrous connective tissue from the adipose tissue clusters in the lipoaspirate, which begs the question. Why not just harvest high quality fat from the beginning? It is for this reason that we at Cellmyx developed our very own, SuperG® series of cannulas, where the G stands for “Gentle”, that are smooth, polished, and beveled to minimize potential damage and lipolysis to adipose tissue clusters during harvest and to gently capture them via cannula apertures that were optimized to harvest the clusters in the perfect size regime.

Cellmyx provides end-to-end solutions when it comes to your liposuction and fat transfer needs

In addition to canisters, cannulas, and power-assisted systems, which posts, Cellmyx is your go-to provider for end-to-end solutions when it comes to liposuction, with our most popular product, the LipoLoop®, the only one of its kind, with no others like it on the market, to allow for sterile, closed-loop, continuous flow of adipose tissue for large volume fat transfer procedures. For more info about what Cellmyx has to offer, please visit our website at www.cellmyx.com, or call our office at (949) 215-8560.

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