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From adipose harvest to process and transfer, we have the tools that put safety and efficacy first.




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We’ve spent years delving through the literature to assure our company is on the right path in what we create. Read about the science that drives the development of our products.

A more intelligent way to harvest, process, and transfer adipose tissue

Using sound science and engineering, Cellmyx has streamlined transferring soft tissue like adipose in a safe, efficacious and cost effective manner. From AcquiCell to Lipo-Loop®, and our new intelliFat kit, our entire line is designed around one focus, the cell.

  • Minimally Invasive

    • It all starts with our patented SuperG® cannula series and the gentle vibration of AcquiCell. This helps assure a viable graft and comfortable procedure without the need for general anesthesia.

  • Tissue Viability

    • Contingent on your aspiration settings, tumescent technique and device being used we constantly achieve viability as high as 95%.

  • Closed Loop

    • All of our autologous point of care grafting products, like intelliFat and Lipo-Loop®, provide a closed system to assure sterility and patient safety.

What Makes Our Process Unique

We understand being able to provide a graft with high viability and structure is vital. We have taken careful steps over the years to validate what products like intelliFat and Lipo-Loop® have to offer.

  • Harvesting

    We use only the most gentle cannulas from our SuperG® Series for harvesting based of the size of graft required.

  • Filtering

    Only there if you need it. Our process is simple, scientifically sound and effective.

  • Processing

    Using our patented DiamondCut™ Resizer that follow our SuperG® Cannula Series of being minimally damaging to the tissue.

  • Grafting

    One size doesn’t fit all. That is why intelliFat™ allows you to gently and effectively harvest three different sizes of adipose tissue.

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