Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of medical devices and products does Cellmyx offer?

Cellmyx , formerly, Millennium Medical Technologies (MMT), is committed to advancing the art of aesthetic and regenerative injectables. We design, patent, and manufacture proprietary medical products for the harvesting, processing, and deployment of .....
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How does Cellmyx’s fat transfer system work?

Cellmyx’s proprietary fat transfer system is the only FDA 510(k) cleared system in the country. Along with our innovative Lipo-Loop® tubing , this system allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons to easily and quickly perform some of the most popular large....

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What is Lipo-Loop®?

Lipo-Loop® is our proprietary tubing that allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons to perform large volume fat transfer procedures with speed and ease, all the while keeping the adipose tissue completely sterile. Customers reported that, before discovering the...
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What equipment do I need to use Lipo-Loop®?

Many of our new customers looking to bring Lipo-Loop® into their office are full-time practicing physicians who have a host of liposuction equipment, such as cannulas, infiltration pump, aspiration pumps, and ...
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Is Cellmyx’s fat transfer system reusable?

YES! Our autoclavable fat collection/fat transfer system is completely REUSABLE. However, please bear in mind that the autoclaving process WILL degrade the equipment over time, and that after many cycles through the autoclave, the equipment...
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What is AcquiCellTM? (What is power assisted liposuction, or PAL?)

AcquiCellTM is a power-assisted liposuction system developed by Cellmyx to make liposuction a breeze for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. AcquiCellTM operates on the principle of ....
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What is unique about the SuperG® Cannulas compared to other cannulas?

Cell and tissue viability is critical for graft survival. Most, if not all the standard liposuction cannulas do not measure up when it comes to preserving viability because they were designed to abrade and cut tough connective tissue to maximize the .....
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What is cosmetic surgery?

This is a great question, and we address it here in this Blog Post.

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the regrowth, repair, and replacement of damaged or diseased tissues. Regenerative medicine, in its earliest forms, involved mainly replacement, in the form of artificial heart valves to....
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Is it true there are stem cells in adipose tissue? (What are stem cells? What are the different kinds of stem cells?)

YES! And in fact, adipose tissue contains the largest store of stem cells in the adult human body. The only other place from where stem cells can be harvested in substantially large ...
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What products can I use for fat transfer to the face (What is IntelliFat™)?

Our IntelliFatTM sterile-packaged, disposable, single-use adipose tissue harvesting, processing, and transfer system allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and in some cases, beauticians, aestheticians, and nurse practitioners (where, licensed).....
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What products can I use for orthopedic applications (What is IntelliFat™ SVT)?

Our IntelliFatTM SVT system is a variant of our popular IntelliFatTM system, where “SVT’ stands for Stromal Vascular Tissue, as it is adipose tissue where the the “Stromal Vascular Fraction”, or SVF, a subpopulation of cells found in ...
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How come it’s so easy to gain weight but so hard to lose it? How can liposuction help?

When we intake an abundance of calories, we put on weight. Our bodies have been developed through millions of years of evolution to do this, where calories were rare in the days of our early ancestors, so it was important to hold onto every ...
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