What is Lipo-Loop®?

Lipo-Loop® is our proprietary tubing that allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons to perform large volume fat transfer procedures with speed and ease, all the while keeping the adipose tissue completely sterile.
Customers reported that, before discovering the lifesaving Lipo-Loop® tubing, after having harvested the adipose tissue, doctors, but mostly their nurses, had to painstaking and manually fill 60 mL syringes, ONE AT A TIME, with adipose tissue until all 1000-2000 mL of adipose tissue had been prepared this way for injection.

That’s at least 15 syringes, sometimes more than 30!

With Lipo-Loop®, all they have to do is to hook up the tubing (see “How does Cellmyx’s fat transfer system work?”) to our fat collection/fat transfer cannisters, and with the assistance of a standard infiltration pump, they are ready to go!

Customers who have discovered our Lipo-Loop® tubing and fat transfer system have never gone back to the old days of filling syringes with adipose tissue one syringe at a time!