We Are Cellmyx

Cellmyx is committed to advancing the art of aesthetic and regenerative injectables.


We design, patent, and manufacture proprietary medical products for the harvesting, processing, and deployment of FDA 361 compliant autologous soft tissue.


We continue to explore novel concepts to enhance the development of our proprietary product portfolio.

About Cellmyx Technologies


We started with canisters, cannulas and tubing used during liposuction cases. We have now grown to developing products like our SuperG® Cannula Series, AcquiCell, Lipo-Loop®, and now intelliFat with 3 more products in the development pipeline.

about cellmyx

Intellectual Property

We are an intellectual property think tank and development company specializing in the fields of regenerative aesthetics and medicine. From concept to validation, then manufacturing, we are meticulous in how and passionate to why we develop the products we do.


Clinical Support

We have an expert team of physician advisors and consultants. Visit our Intelligent Injectables Advisory Board or contact us directly if you have any clinical or scientific questions or require support.


Founded in 1997

by Current Founder & CEO Greg Miles

Millennium Medical Technologies, Inc. (“MMT”), a medical device and development company, was founded in California.

First Initiative with Arthroscopic Products

Arthroscopic Knee Cannula System Development

Assisted arthroscopic products manufacturer Linvatec to develop a new arthroscopic knee cannula system. Linvatec was subsequently acquired by medical products manufacturer CONMED Corporation, and the cannula system we helped develop has grown to an annual sales level of $20 million.

2000: Consulting for ArthoCleanse®

Granted U.S. Patent US No. 6066146 A

MMT provided consulting for Advanced Diagnostics & Interventions, Inc. for a product called ArthoCleanse® with granted U.S. Patent US No. 6066146 A.

2003: Began Developing Product Lines

To be used in cosmetic surgery applications

MMT began developing products in this market segment in 2003 when the company filed its first establishment registration with the FDA.

2008: FDA Premarket Notification 510(k)

Liposuction Cannulas (K081039O)

Filed with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) a Premarket Notification 510(k) for the manufacture of liposuction cannulas (K081039O) in September 2008.

2011: David Angeloni joins MMT

David Angeloni joins MMT as its President and Chief Science Officer

After working with MMT as a consultant for over a year, David Angeloni decides to join MMT to help lay the foundation that is later to become Cellmyx.

2012: Cell Solutions™

With Power-Assisted Lipo as the Foundation

A service-based system for point of care autologous cell therapy which follows Good Tissue Practice Guidance. We created a custom regenerative aesthetic and medicine package that meets the need of the physicians specialty be that plastic surgery, orthopedics or pain management.

2015: Developed AcquiCell™

A New Approach to Soft Tissue Harvesting and Transfer

Developed in July 2015, the AcquiCell™ device is ideal for physicians involved with tissue grafting and regenerative medicine using adipose and stromal cells.

2017: FDA Clearance Granted

Fat Collection, Transfer and Disposable Systems (K170449)

510(k) clearance granted on the first fully reusable fat collection, transfer and disposable systems (K170449) in March 2017. In conjunction with tubing for canister systems, MMT developed a closed-loop system called Lipo-Loop®.

2019: Cellmyx

MMT becomes Cellmyx

Millennium Medical Technologies, Inc. changes its name to Cellmyx, Inc.

2019: intelliFat™

intelliFat™ Kit Launch

Cellmyx introduces the intelliFat™ Kit – an innovative fat grafting kit that enables physicians to quickly and efficiently transfer the patient’s own adipose tissue under local anesthesia. All in a single use, disposable kit. The intelliFat™ makes low volume fat transfers fast, simple, and cost effective.