What is AcquiCellTM? (What is power assisted liposuction, or PAL?)

AcquiCell is a power-assisted liposuction system developed by Cellmyx to make liposuction a breeze for plastic and cosmetic surgeons. AcquiCell operates on the principle of Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL), whereby vibration of a motor and handpiece attached to an infiltration, harvesting, or injection cannula allows the doctor to move the cannula through potentially tough and fibrous adipose tissue by automatically finding the path of least resistance through the tougher regions rich in connective tissue.

It is also the only system in the world with a proprietary Auto Stop Reach (ASR) technology, a safety feature that works by sensing differences in the density of the medium through which the cannula is moving, and automatically turning the device device off in the event that the cannula is guided too deep in a patient, e.g. into the muscle layers. Watch Dr. Sean Kelishadi, board-certified plastic surgeon and one of the leading experts on the AcquiCell™ system, explain the science behind ASR.

Compared to other systems, the AcquiCell™ system is extremely sleek in design, has a small footprint, and clocks in at only 11 oz, yet it offers the full range of settings other systems have, leaving you valuable real estate in the OR. In fact, our AcquiCell™ system, along with the accompanying infiltration and aspiration pumps, can all fit neatly into a single, wheeled equipment cart!

Additional information on our AcquiCell™ system can be found by watching this video.