How does Cellmyx’s fat transfer system work?

Cellmyx’s proprietary fat transfer system is the only FDA 510(k) cleared system in the country. Along with our innovative Lipo-Loop® tubing , this system allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons to easily and quickly perform some of the most popular large volume fat transfer procedures like Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL’s) or breast augmentation.

During the procedure, the doctor first removes adipose tissue from the patient normally, like any other liposuction procedure, and collects the adipose tissue lipoaspirate into our autoclavable, reusable,only fat collection cannister. Our cannister is different from conventional fat collection cannisters in that there is a special spigot on the bottom of the cannister, where tumescent fluid and adipose tissue from the lipoaspirate can be readily extracted, all the while keeping the contents of the cannister sterile.

After the desired amount of fat has been collected, the extracted adipose tissue lipoaspirate is allowed to gravity decant to separate the adipose tissue layer from the tumescent solution layer, which is then decanted from the Luer spigot via the Double-Ended Extraction Tube, making the remaining adipose tissue ready for re-injection back into the patient.

To do so, the Lipo-Loop® IV Tube with Clamp is connected to the Double-Ended Extraction Tube via the Luer connector on one end and “spiked” with the Lipo-Loop® tubing on the other end. The large bore silicon portion of the Lipo-Loop® tubing is inserted into the clam-shell clamp of a standard infiltration pump (widely available in the OR for infusing tumescent solution). The opposite end of the Lipo-Loop® tubing is attached to an adipose tissue infiltration cannula, and with the infiltration pump turned on, the doctor may adjust the settings to achieve the desired flow rates before proceeding with the fat transfer portion of the procedure.

Additional information on our adipose tissue harvesting system can be found by watching this video .