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Who Are We?

Cellmyx is committed to advancing the art of cosmetic surgery and regenerative medicine.

We design, patent, and manufacture proprietary medical products for the harvesting, processing, and deployment of FDA 361 & FDA 510 compliant autologous adipose tissue.

We continue to explore novel concepts to enhance our proprietary product portfolio and to bring to doctors the latest in adipose tissue transfer technology. Visit the Blog for the latest news.


Our Science & Technology

Cellmyx has spent the last two decades delving into the literature on autologous fat grafting to ensure that the products we create are backed by science. From fat transfer for breast augmentation or Brazilian butt-lifts, to microfat and regenerative stem cells for orthopedic applications, we’ve developed a suite of medical products to allow doctors to perform every procedure under the sun relating to liposuction and fat transfer

Read more about the advances in fat grafting and the science behind our adipose tissue products.

A More Intelligent Way To Harvest, Process, And Transfer Adipose Tissue

Minimally Invasive

It all starts with our patented SuperG® cannula series and the gentle vibration of AcquiCell. This helps assure a viable graft and comfortable procedure without the need for general anesthesia.

Sterile and Safe

All of our autologous point-of-care fat grafting products, such as intelliFat™ and Lipo-Loop®, keeps the adipose tissue sterile in a closed-loop system to minimize risk of infection and maximize patient safety.

Superior Outcomes

Our products consistently deliver >90% cell viability with low levels of liberated triglycerides from potentially damaged adipocytes, resulting in minimal inflammation and the highest fat graft retention rates among all adipose tissue products in the industry. 

What Makes Our Process Unique

The success of fat grating boils down to the quality and viability of the adipose tissue that’s injected. We have taken careful steps over the years to refine and validate the results of the products we deliver. Our intelliFatTM SVT disposable adipose tissue system produces fat clusters with an optimum size range, resulting in the one of the highest graft retention rates in the industry.



Select from the most gentle cannulas in our SuperG® Series for harvesting, allowing you, the doctor, to achieve perfect control over adipose tissue cluster sizes.



Our IntelliFat™ system comes with filters of various sizes to remove excess fluid, peripheral blood, and liberated triglycerides from collected lipoaspirate.



Our patented DiamondCut™ Resizer produces the smoothest and most homogenous adipose tissue product ready for injection in an out-patient setting right at the doctor’s office.



Our suite of adipose tissue products consistently achieve one of the highest fat graft retention rates among all adipose tissue products in the industry.

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