Aesthetic Medicine

The Growing Popularity of Aesthetic Medicine

Do you want to enhance your looks? But you can’t wait for ages to restore your facial appeal. Using some aesthetic medicines this may seem like a reality. Always feel blessed when visiting our practitioner’s office to expect a miracle. At Cellymx, we’d like to give you peace of mind with the right skin care treatment with no side effects. You’ll be dazzled to know that we give at the comfort of our office.
The application of aesthetic medicines is about procedures or treatments to reach aesthetic goals. It changes the cosmetic appearance of skin and specializes in procedures for mole scars, skin laxity, excess fat, skin discoloration, sagging skin liver spots, spider veins, etc.
We ensure that our aesthetic medicine proves to be a comprehensive solution to anti-aging and beauty. All our experts use the latest skincare, injectable, body contouring procedures, and others.

Types of Aesthetic Treatment:

The scope of aesthetic medicines is endless, but these are the most common procedures:
Don’t panic about the disadvantages of aesthetic medicines are quick, and minimally invasive with little downtime. Some of the common medical aesthetic procedures are Chemical Peels, & Facial Injectables.

How our specialized services are different?

When you seek aesthetic medicine, we help you deal with mild to moderate skin care issues. Gauging your skin type is the first thing experts do for the suited application of aesthetic products. The customized facial treatment maintains all skin types & tonality.
It comprises procedures like exfoliation, extractions, and peels. Also, in unique cases, we boost the collagen and shrink the pores.
Aesthetic medicines are administered only after proper skin diagnosis. This service is ideal for all skin types with thorough skin analysis to understand your skin type. Our modern age state-of-the-art techniques facilitate various aesthetic programs for the patients. We ensure every step towards radiating and flawless skin turns out to be a rewarding experience for you.