What is unique about the SuperG® Cannulas compared to other cannulas?

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Cell and tissue viability is critical for graft survival. Most, if not all the standard liposuction cannulas do not measure up when it comes to preserving viability because they were designed to abrade and cut tough connective tissue to maximize the efficiency of fat harvesting. That’s why we at Cellmyx have come up with a revolutionary design, in the form of the SuperG® series , to extract the highest quality adipose tissue and maximize fat graft take. Our cannulas are made of the highest quality medical grade stainless steel and are designed with polished, beveled apertures with no sharp edges, as opposed to the unpolished apertures with extruding, sharp edges of conventional cannulas. Instead of cutting up the adipose tissue clusters, the SuperG® cannulas rely on the gentle suction of the liposuction device to harvest less connective tissue and more viable fat grafts that produce a superior outcome when grafted.

The SuperG® series come in a range of sizes, from the SuperG® Plus cannula for 3.0 – 3.5 mm fat clusters, to the SuperG® Macro (original SuperG®) cannula for 2.4 – 3.0mm fat clusters, to the SuperG® Milli for 1 mm clusters, to our newest SuperG® Micro, single-use, disposable cannula for smooth, 500 µm clusters, the SuperG® series of cannulas will satisfy all of your fat harvesting and fat grafting needs.