SuperG® Micro Cannula

The SuperG® Micro Cannula is optimized for harvesting 500µm clusters that are perfect for fat transfer to the whole face, without the need for using harmful mechanical processes. 

The patented Super® Micro Cannula is designed with a fitted array of 300 holes that are 500µm in size, arranged evenly and concentrically around the shaft of the cannula and comes with a special Luer hub for improved strength and stability.



MAS-SGM – SuperG® Milli Cannula

Configurable SuperG® Milli Cannula, designed for harvesting millifat, 1mm fat clusters, and small volume transfer to face/hands. Collect into 500ml canister.

  • 2.5mm diameter
  • 150mm-250mm long
  • 1.0mm aperture
  • 24 hole
  • Euro hub or luer lock


MAS-DLS – Disruptor Cannula

Configurable Disruptor Cannula.



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