What products can I use for fat transfer to the face? (What is IntelliFatTM?)

Our IntelliFat™ sterile-packaged, disposable, single-use adipose tissue harvesting, processing, and transfer system allows plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and in some cases, beauticians, aestheticians, and nurse practitioners (where, licensed) to perform low-volume liposuction on a patient, process it with our proprietary DiamondCut® Resizer included with the system to resize the patient’s own adipose tissue into a smooth, homogenous mixture, and reinject it for various cosmetic applications. These cosmetic, low-volume adipose tissue transfer procedures, such as fat grafting to the face or hands, enabled by the intelliFat™ kit, are completely FDA “361-compliant”, as the adipose tissue is autologous, minimally manipulated, and applied for homologous use.

Check out this testimonial video of a patient who had the intelliFat™ procedure done, and who could not be happier with the results!