What products can I use for orthopedic applications? (What is IntelliFat SVTTM?)

Our IntelliFatTM SVT system is a variant of our popular IntelliFatTM system, where “SVT’ stands for Stromal Vascular Tissue, as it is adipose tissue where the “Stromal Vascular Fraction”, or SVF, a subpopulation of cells found in adipose tissue rich in mesenchymal stem cells, has not been separated from the remaining adipose tissue. It is important to note here that SVF is NOT FDA-compliant since the adipose tissue must be centrifuged and discarded in order to obtain SVF. In collecting SVT, at no point does the IntelliFatTM SVT system separate out the SVF from adipose, or otherwise “re-mix” it with adipose tissue. It is called SVT simply because the tissue contains the SVF, which does not take on ther term, SVF, until it has been separated by centrifugation.

We came up with the idea for this SVT system after seeing the tremendous success the cosmetic version of the IntelliFatTM system had!

Like the IntelliFatTM system, the SVT system is a sterile-packaged, disposable, single-use adipose tissue harvesting, processing, and transfer system that allows orthopedic surgeons, pain management doctors, and sports medicine doctors, as opposed to plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the case of the regular intelliFat™ system, to perform low-volume liposuction on a patient, process it with the same proprietary
DiamondCut® Resizer, and reinject the processed adipose tissue for various orthopedic applications. The most popular area on the body in which our IntelliFatTM SVT kit is used is in the knee, whereby the injected adipose tissue provides padding, cushioning, and structural/mechanical support, a fundamental function of adipose tissue, leading to alleviation of pain. In addition, the plethora of regenerative adipose derived stem cells (ADSC’s) found in adipose tissue, MAY* also play a peripheral effect in facilitating recovery and repair of the joint.

Like the fat transfer procedures enabled by the IntelliFatTM system, these low-volume adipose tissue transfer procedures to the knee enabled
by the IntelliFatTM SVT system, are completely FDA “361-compliant”, as the adipose tissue is autologous, minimally manipulated, and applied for homologous use – i.e. for padding, cushioning, and structural/mechanical support.

Check out this video of the IntelliFatTM SVT kit in action by Dr.Paul Tortland, one of the leading experts in the world on treating musculoskeletal conditions!